Every Logo Your Business Needs & How to Use Them All

If you’re in the branding stages of your business, you’ve probably heard that one of the biggest things it will do is create visual consistency across your brand. But visual consistency doesn’t stop with just one logo. All of our branding packages come complete with a main logo, alternative logos, and logo marks. These are all part of the “logo” component of a brand, but not everyone knows what to do with them.

Consistency means that all of your elements work together, but that doesn’t mean they all serve the same purpose. In fact, the reason you want your designer to provide options is so you can apply consistent branding across your website, social media channels, emails, marketing materials, and more.

At first glance, you may not understand why you need all of these logos, but once we break down each type of logo file, you’ll see how each of them serve a different purpose:

The Main Logo

The main logo is your primary logo—it’s going to be the most recognizable thing about your brand. All other logos are based off of this design. The most popular application of your main logo is usually going to be right there at the top of your website. You might also use your main logo in business cards, or other ways you present your work. Your main logo might include variations, such as different applications of your color palette.


Alternative Logos

You’ll also receive alternative logos that are similar to your main logo but applied in different situations, such as a stacked version that works when you don’t have a lot of horizonal space. The text will be arranged differently to work on multiple platforms. There may be versions that include your logo mark, like an illustration that represents your brand, or versions that include your tagline and some that do not.

No matter how many variations of your main logo there are, it’s designed to be just that—front and center. Meaning, the design of this logo isn’t going to translate as beautifully on social media or other business materials that cannot accommodate a large, prominent logo.


Logo Marks

Logo marks are where it gets really fun! The possibilities are endless here since they use pieces of your branding in other creative ways. Your designer will likely include many iterations so that you can use them in the many situations you share your work, that aren’t your main website. These days, it often includes options for fitting your logo in a circle, so that you can use it as your profile on social media. It’s also often a simplified version that may not have your full tagline, or just the initials of your business—since it’s easier to see when small.

Other logo mark options can include different applications of your tagline, your brand’s name in different shapes, or illustrations that represent your brand and are recognizable in times you can’t fit the full text on something.


Having different variations of your main logo, alternative logos, and logo marks will all help strengthen your brand—it adds more substance to your business and shows that you have a complete brand worth taking seriously.

Still not sure if you need all these options? Think about every single way you communicate your business: your website, in emails, newsletters, advertisements, social media, print, packaging, business documents, and more. Now, take a look at some of your favorite brands and notice how they use all of these elements to share their work or product with you!

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