Post Design Co Now Offers Custom WordPress Web Design!

We have some big news today—we’re making the move to WordPress! As some of you know, we’ve previously designed websites primarily for Squarespace, so you might be wondering why we’re making the switch. It’s taken a lot of thought and research to come to this conclusion, but we absolutely think it’s best for our clients! Let’s talk about why:

Websites Designed with Growth in Mind

When it comes to branding and design, we always have the growth of the business in mind. So many of our clients are new businesses just starting out or have gone through a rebrand and are ready to take their work to the next level. What they need then is a website that can grow with them, not limit them as they grow.

WordPress is perfect for growing businesses because the business owner has complete control over it. From choosing the hosting plan that works best for you to designing the website from scratch to enlisting the best developer for your business—it’s all up to you. This can seem daunting when you’re new, but it’s just about collaborating with the right designer to get the ball rolling. Otherwise, you may be left with a website that doesn’t suit your needs as you grow.

WordPress Lifts Design Limitations

You’ll find a lot of information around the internet as to which designers prefer, WordPress or Squarespace. While Squarespace was a fit for us at the time—its low cost kept clients on budget and we were often able to make website updates ourselves rather than bring on a developer (another cost)—it came with some frustrating limitations.

It’s not that you can’t design the website you want on Squarespace, but you may struggle with building it out. Since we worked with businesses that chose Squarespace specifically in order to design a website on a tight budget (AKA, without the costs of a developer), we could only add features that worked with the Squarespace templates as they were chosen. This is frustrating for us designers because we want to take your vision and create something completely unique to your business, but can’t do so if you aren’t working with a developer who can build it.

This really comes down to the fact that designers and developers have vastly different (but really important!) roles when it comes to creating a website. Utilizing Squarespace or another templated site might make it so you can make those updates yourself, but that’s because those updates don’t require code. If you want something that does require this, as businesses often do as they grow and require a more robust website with added features, you’ll end up having to enlist a web developer anyway.

In this case, it would have made so much more sense just to build a website from scratch on WordPress from the beginning. Yes, your initial investment will be higher, but that’s because you’re covering the costs of a designer, developer, and hosting fees (which are around the same cost or less than a Squarespace subscription)—all things you need as you grow.

More Functionality

WordPress is known to be better for SEO, which is another big consideration for small businesses. You are able to implement a better SEO strategy with WordPress, since you have more control over how your website ranks in search results. Additionally, most sites are powered by WordPress—it’s the most popular content management system out there. While Squarespace is often flaunted as more DIY friendly, the popularity of WordPress means there are tons of resources out there to help when you need it. And while the best WordPress websites are built by professional web developers, it’s still a very user-friendly platform. So don’t think you won’t be able to use your website without handholding—everything you need to do on a day to day basis will be just as easy as Squarespace.

Lastly, our favorite part about WordPress is that it’s a blank canvas. That makes us SO excited to work with any business that comes our way. We feel so much more confident in creating a website that perfectly suits your brand when we can design without starting from a template or by limiting ourselves to fonts or features that templated sites require. And if you’re worried about enlisting a designer and then having to find a developer—don’t worry! We’ll be able to suggest a trusted developer that we can all work with together to bring your website to life.

Have more questions about our switch to WordPress? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!