6 Ways to Get Organized and Back on Track

In just a few weeks, we’ll be approaching the mid-year mark. Hard to believe, isn’t it? (I feel like we just celebrated New Year’s!) With the 1st half of the year under our belts, now is a perfect time to stop, take a breath, and assess the state of things at work and at home. Are you on track with your goals or have some of them derailed? Is your working environment organized for maximum productivity? Are you making the most of your time and resources?

Here are a few tidbits to help you regroup, recommit, and make the 2nd half of 2017 even stronger than the first:


1. Assess Current Goals and Set New Goals

Dust off and review the goal sheet or To-Do list you made at the beginning of the year. 
Check off completed goals. Adjust current goals to account for recent changes. Add new goals. 

If your goals live only in your head and you’ve never put them down on paper, now’s the time. Studies show that people who write down their goals accomplish significantly more than those who don’t. To help you, I’ve created two free sheets: 1) For goals in your business and/or life, and 2) For that To-Do list you need to tackle. 


2. Automate More Tasks with Online Tools

Whatever the task, there’s an app for that. Pinpoint your office bottlenecks, then find a tool to help you alleviate the problem. 

•    Need better project management and tracking? Asana is the way to go. (It’s free!) 
•    Have communication issues? Get your team using Slack. (Free options available.)
•    Looking for an all-in-one HR tool to manage employees? Check out Zenefits. (Free options available.)

Read about more of my favorite tools here!


3. Clean Your Office and Your Abode

A clean, organized office boosts productivity, diminishes stress, and even reduces sick days. 

Start with a purge. Go through the office and get rid of everything you don’t need—boxes, old files and documents, pointless knick-knacks, books that are no longer useful, expired food in the fridge, etc. Donate, recycle, or trash these items. 

Declutter and organize what remains. Visit Ikea or the Container Store and pick up binders, trays, bins, filing cabinets, shelving, desk organizers, cable managers, bulletin boards, or whatever you need to neatly store and easily access your items.

Scrub and sanitize every surface. Start with phone receivers and keyboards, the germiest spots in the office. End with the kitchen. Offer a gift card to the employee willing to clean the fridge.


4. Clean Out Your Inbox

Believe it or not, a tidy inbox can work wonders for your stress level. One of the biggest problems with everyone’s inbox is email subscriptions. We ransom our email address to get a good discount or make a purchase and before long we’re flooded with marketing emails. Thankfully Unroll.me exists to help fix this problem. If you haven't checked out Unroll.me yet, do it! It allows you to see all the email subscriptions you’re a part of so that you can opt-out of the ones you have no need for.

To better organize and easily access the emails you do want, add more folders to your inbox. (You’d be surprised how many people don’t do this.) Create folders for different priority levels, different clients, etc.


5. Schedule Downtime Every Day

Make it a goal to spend at least 20 minutes per day resting and NOT thinking about work. In this time, you could pray, journal a few thoughts, recount a few things you’re grateful for, jot down daily accomplishments, or even go outside and listen to the birds chirp! Whatever you decide to do, making this a practice in your life will lead to more peace, a clearer mind, and increased productivity.


6. Refresh Your Website or Brand

To all the business owners and marketers out there, is it time for a brand and/or website audit? To stay relevant and competitive, you must continually cultivate your brand and keep your website content, imagery and iconography fresh. The articles below will provide you with more insight on if and where your brand might need help. It may just be that time! 

•    A Stronger Brand in 2017
•    Falling Out of Love with Your Website?

If you need any advice or guidance, I’d love to help.
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