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I’m so glad you stopped by to learn more about what Post Design Co. is all about! With 2017 quickly approaching, I have been so excited to launch my very first blog. Through this blog, my hope is to better define exactly what we do and how we serve clients. 

You’ll also learn more about me (the owner and designer behind Post Design Co.) and how I got to where I am now. Through my years of experience with graphic design, learning more about how business and marketing works, (and being a consumer myself), I’ve developed a passion for helping entrepreneurs and small businesses with their branding and online presence. 

As humans, we are drawn to pretty things. We are also biologically driven to find rhyme and reason in everything we see. While a well-designed, thoughtfully-developed brand attracts and engages customers, an inconsistent and confusing brand does just the opposite. It fails to attract new business and can even drive current business away, especially when competitors offer appealing alternatives. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are so often stumped as to why they are not getting the interaction, exposure, and dream clients they strive for. I can help you identify the weak points in your brand or online presence and develop solutions that make your business stronger and more successful. Watching my clients hit the ball out of the park with their new brand, website, social media presence, etc, makes me do a happy dance! 

To see a comprehensive overview on branding, click here.

Take a peek into my full design process here

A Visual Walkthrough of Our Process

I’d love to walk you through a recent project for one of my favorite clients, Donna Wyland of Free To Be. Donna is a Christian life coach, writing coach, and author. She is very talented at what she does and excels at helping and guiding others. She was ready to take her brand and online presence to the next level; we are both so thankful the Lord connected us at the right time! 

Here is what her logo and website looked like when we first began. As you can see, the fonts and colors were plain and outdated. Her website was very content-heavy and even had a few missing links and images, making it very hard for a viewer to understand and move around her website easily. Donna explained she was so ready for a change and a fresh new look that really embodied who she was and how she wanted to serve others.








Each of my clients has a unique story to tell and distinct goals to pursue. That’s why my solutions are specifically tailored around your individual needs, objectives, and budget. 

Here are some other ways I’ve solved problems and created new opportunities for my clients.

Need some assistance or just want to chat? I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about my process. We could grab some coffee (if you’re in the DFW area) or hop on Skype to talk about your business needs. Holler at me!

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