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Hello there -

My name is Jessica Post and I am so glad you stopped by the studio!

I am a graphic designer who is crazy passionate about design and all things creative. I have a BFA in graphic design from Abilene Christian University and now reside in Steamboat Springs, Colorado alongside my adorable, Green Bay Packer-loving husband. 

I really think my passion for art and design began when I was first introduced to scrapbooking by my grandmother as a young girl. I soon fell in love with layout, colors, pictures, and handwritten letters. This hobby of mine was the first thing to really spark my inner creativity, which in turn led me to pursue graphic design as my college major. I was certain I would change my mind (as many do when they go to college), but I stuck with it and loved it more every year. 

When I’m not designing or creating new brands, you can find me playing outside with my spunky, Australian Shepherd (Bailey), going to brunch with friends, skiing in Steamboat Springs with my family, or kicking back and watching Netflix with my man! 

My faith in Jesus Christ is the most important thing to me and gives me a purpose for my life. My hope is to use the gifts and talents He has entrusted me to give Him glory in all that I do.